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Frequently Asked Questions

This section will provide you basic answers based on the numerous questions we have received from people all over the world. I hope that this may guide you in seeking for the Truth.

Based on my research, Karma can be explained like in the Bible, "What you reap is what you sow" They have the same principle but of course our terminology only comes from the Bible. But with due respect on the word Karma, it has the same meaning also in the Bible as "Curse" and "Blessing". That is if you do good deeds to your fellow men then God will bless you and if you do evil to men then God will put a curse in you. I do hope that this satisfies your question.

God is not silent and He wants to help you. However, there is a blocking force between you and God and that is in your heart. Hatred, greed, pride and other sins hinder our relationship with God. Even for mistakes that you have committed 15 or 20 years ago. The best remedy here is to reflect on your life from childhood up to the present and check if you have done any wrong doings and then ask God for the forgiveness of your sins, purify your heart and never commit the same mistakes again. Another reason is that God wants to test your Faith in Him (Read the Book of Job).
I always put my trust in our Lord but however I am still not rich. How come those who doesnt believe in God becomes richer and the way I see it those who believe in Him becomes poorer.

There are several ways on how we can store riches here on earth. Others become rich because they are involved in drug trafficking, human smuggling, pornography etc. but I tell you that even if they are rich, they live in a life full of fear. Fear in death, in evading the law and losing their loved ones. Therefore, they are rich but are not happy in their lives. I tell you they couldnt sleep peacefully at night. While, acquiring money with God's guidance, you can help other people, you can have a good night sleep as you do not have enemies to fear of and lastly you continue to praise and glorify His Name. I have known some businessmen who made a pledge to our God and they became richer. They have big houses, great luxurious cars, they can eat anything they want. Their secret, they have given a part of their earnings to the church and the poor. I remember what Paul Getty said when he started his business, "Lord, if you make me succeed in this business, I will give 1% of my earnings to you". After completing his pledge, he made another increasing it to 5% and he suceeded and so on until he gave EVERYTHING back to the Lord. When you want your business to succeed, try testing the Lord by your pledge. As what our Lord Jesus Christ said. "Consider carefully what you hear," he continued, "With the measure you use, it will be measured to you and even more. Whoever has will be given more, whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him."

I am an Atheist and I still believe that all things were created by chemical reactions and NOT what your Bible says. Please explain this in Science and not through your Bible.

Let me cite an example on the physical features of man and the uses of the body parts. We have 2 eyes and are located below our forehead. Above the eyes, we have a pair of eyebrows. Now why I am telling you this is because if we are just a product of a mixed chemical reaction, then our eyes can be located elsewhere. Person A's eyes could be located at our nape, person B on his shoulders etc. Two eyes were created and placed below our forehead is a perfect position so that we can get a clear view on what is in front of us. Try to close your left eye and you can not clearly see what is in your farther left unless you turn your head towards the left and vice versa. Imagine if your eyes are placed on your knees then your eyes will be constantly staring above which is very difficult for us. The eyebrows and eyelashes are there to protect the eyes from body fluids that will drip when we perspire. The same goes for the ears. It was typically designed in order for us to hear the sounds on your left and your right. Examine your body parts carefully and check its uses and double check if we were created by means of a chemical reaction. For me, somebody designed our body and created it in perfection.  

In order to be a Prayer Warrior, you will need to undergo a series of interviews and tests. Then we will do a background check on you most especially with your conduct at the present church you are with. If you passed the initial screening, then you will undergo an apprenticeship program where you will be trained on how to listen and deal with people from all walks of life worldwide who needs counselling. The process is long and it may take 6 months before we decide to finally include you in our team. The allowance given is based on donations from people and it is not sufficient if you plan this to be your career. But if you really love God and want to serve Him then do not ask How Much Will I Be Receiving but instead How Much Time Will I Spend To Serve God.

In a short span of time, I lost my job, my house and everything that I own. Soon I will be losing my family and my life. And if I kill myself, I hope that God will understand me.

Committing suicide is not the solution to solve your problems my friend. The problems will be buried with you but you will still be a loser. Not only you will lose your physical body but your spirit as well. God gave us life and it is God alone who has the right to remove us from this world. Remember that God's greatest gift to us is life and all we have to do is to utilize our temporary life here on earth to the fullest. A life that is pleasing to God and to our fellow men. So before thinking of killing yourself, you may take other remedies such as the Bankruptcy Law, refinancing schemes, consulting a financial advisor etc. Most of all, cling to God, ask for forgiveness of sins, seek for the Holy Spirit for His wisdom and guidance and think about the best for your family. Isnt it great that the next generation will remember us if we die fighting in this world rather than dying and being called a loser? And the worse scenario is that your spirit can not enter God's Kingdom.  

I will give you a very basic guide so that your prayer may be heard and answered by God as there are different types of prayer and some are very complex. These will be discussed by Bro. Mike in his column.
Before praying, make sure of your intentions with your request. God knows your needs before you ask for something. Also, be pure in your spirit. Make sure that you have confessed your sins to God as the prayer of a righteous man has a powerful effect. Then as Jesus said, Go to your room, lock the door and start praying to God. Follow the pattern as what Jesus Christ taught us about the Lord's Prayer. Dont memorize the Lord's Prayer but instead use it as a pattern for your prayer. If you have to disect the words in the Lord's Prayer there is Praise and Worship to God, Forgiveness of sins, asking for God's blessing and the strengthening of our faith.

This has been a question raised ever since, Which comes first, the Chicken or the Egg?

If we base it from the Bible, the Chicken comes first. In Genesis Chapter 1 verse 21 it says; So God created the great creatures of the sea and every living and moving thing with which the water teems, according to their kinds, and every winged bird according to its kind. And God saw that it was good.

Spritually, this has been the practice during the time of the early Israelites. The Israelites fast when they mourn and grieve, when they observe Sabbath and renewing their covenant with the Father. Jesus Christ fasted for 40 days and 40 nights without food and water and that is the time He overcame Satan's temptation. The apostles fasted in order for them to be purified and filled with the Spirit. We also do this practice today as a sign of covenant with God, to be pure in our spirit and for us to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Thus, if we regularly practice Fasting, we can receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit as we become closer with God. Physically, it has been scientifically proven that fasting removes our unwanted fats in our body.

Your question is as good as mine but we have to accept the fact that we are suffering because of our sins. Ever since the time of Adam, when he sinned against God, up to the present time, sufferings are always within our backs such as financial problems, sickness/diseases, problems with the family and even the rich are not exempted from these problems.
Sufferings also act as a blessing in disguise and sometimes God allow us to suffer for a very specific purpose. One classic example is Joseph, an Israelite who became King of Egypt. He was sold by his brothers, became a slave in Egypt, he was put to prison by his master. He was noticed by the King of Egypt when he was a prisoner and gained the King's trust in which he became the Governor and later on became King of Egypt. If he did not had that kind of ordeal, then he wouldnt be in Egypt in the first place.
So God allows us to suffer in order for us to be strong and to depend on Him at all times. In order to excel in a field like an athlete has to train for thousands of hours before the game proper which would take only about two hours or a student has to study his lessons for a week just to take his exams lasting for an hour or two. No Pain, No Gain.
When we suffer, do not blame God, others or even yourself. Always keep in mind that suffering is like a test, after overcoming it, then we achieve the Victory. What you should do is to constantly pray to God, ask for the forgiveness of sins and knowledge, wisdom and guidance in overcoming the pain and sufferings you are experiencing.