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"To bring God's Word and Power in every person so that the Honor and Glory be given unto Him"


The Power of Prayer was formed sometime in February of 2008 by a group of Professional Christians who strongly believe that God can still work in our lives.

Most of us experience painful disappointments in our lives whatever the situation may be such as Financial, Health, Family or even Spritual problems. And if these problems can not be solved in due time, then crime rates, sickness, famine, chaos and other problems with the society would then emerge and the end result would be the loss of lives. Souls that were supposed to belong with God's Kingdom would end up in nowhere.

Thus, the Power of Prayer Team was formed to help you overcome your problems by performing strong prayers, meditating on God's Word and constant Fasting so that all your requests may be heard and answered by God.

We started this last year with four Prayer Warriors working in shifts who volunteered their time and effort just to save the souls of hundreds of people. Up to date, we now have fourteen Prayer Warriors from different parts of the globe receiving prayer requests and praying for hundreds more who will then be living witnessess that God works in their lives. These Prayer Warriors now receive allowances to compensate for their time and effort. To God nothing is impossible!!!

In the next 3 years, we will be creating our first Help Center which we may be accepting calls worldwide at no extra cost to the callers. This is a big dream but again, there is nothing impossible to our Rich God!!! 

To God in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, our donors, and to all those who emailed their problems to us we say THANK YOU for your support and may God constantly Bless you for the Honor and Glory of His Name!!!